Welcome to Mikerophonography.

What is this “mikerophonography” thing, you ask?  It’s my ongoing take on a variety of topics: photography, video, music, guitars, recording, radio and computers.  Sounds pretty widespread, no?

Some specifics, then.

Photography: Focused on Nikon cameras (both film and digital) and making the most of the equipment I’ve been able to afford over the years.

Video: Digital video, shot on D8 or MiniDV, edited in Final Cut (and sometimes iMovie).

Music: Both mine and everyone else’s.  A focus on new and alternative music, Britpop/Power Pop and 80s college radio.

Guitars: A look at the world of acoustic and electric guitars from the perspective of a huge fan of the instrument.  I’ve built them for a living, play them for fun and read about them every chance I get.

Recording: Using computers and MiniDiscs, I record audio in all different forms…and love finding new ways to capture sounds.

Radio: The world of community public radio.  I’m a DJ on WDIY-FM, 88.1 FM in Allentown/Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

and Computers: One word – Macintosh.  Since first playing with a Mac Plus in 1988 and switching from the Dark Side in 1993, I’ve worked with — and on — nearly every type of Mac.

Through Mikerophonography, I’ll share new stuff I find, expertise in areas that you may not find a lot of info in other places, and new ways of creating using the tech outlined throughout.  And a key tenet of mikerophonography is doing all of this stuff economically — using last year’s model to do tomorrow’s cool stuff.

Enjoy.  And come back often.

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